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Why Study the Original Languages of the Bible?

The curriculum of Tyndale Theological Seminary is solidly based on the Bible. Because God’s Word (His written revelation of Himself) comes to us in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, and because of our high view of Scripture, we greatly emphasize learning the biblical languages. Anyone who knows multiple languages is keenly aware that there is always interpretation in translation. Our aim is to put our students on a path to utilize the original languages in their teaching ministries. This training helps them to more intimately and accurately read, interpret, teach, and apply Holy Scripture. There is still a multitude of ethnic groups around the world that lack the Bible written in their own languages; there are many that lack good tools to interpret the Bible in their own settings, and all churches need the Word to be accurately preached and applied for their people. We strive to equip our students to be able to meet these needs.