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Alumni Prayer Focus

April 2021

The month of April we are praying for the Ralevic family.  Emanuel and Jelena are both 2004 graduates of Tyndale.  They have two sons Matija (Matthias) and Petar (Peter).  

They live in the city of Niš in Southern Serbia.  Niš is one of the three largest cities in Serbia.  The dominant religion is 90% Eastern Orthodox and only 1% of the population is Protestant or Evangelical.  They work with Niš Baptist church, the oldest evangelical church in south Serbia and it was established in 1982! (not really all that old)  There are five evangelical churches in the city now and the pastors meet regularly to pray together.

Emanuel is involved as one of the pastors and works also among the youth.  He also teaches at Balkan Theological Seminary which he helped to start in 2013. He has many roles at the seminary; director, dean, administrator and lecturer.  Jelena is leading the Sunday school programs, teaching the children, teaches English as a second language and does book translation work for the Baptist Union.  They are both extremely busy and involved in many ministries.  

The church also has several church plants and mission work around Niš.  One of the ministries is called ‘Love Your Neighbor’ and is a humanitarian project to help the poor, refugees and social needs around the area. 

Their desire is to help missionaries and students who are gifted to get involved in mission work and encourage them in that calling and so spread the gospel. 

Please pray for the following:

  1. Pray for them as a family to remain faithful to our calling amid all the responsibilities.
  2. Pray for their financial situation, their current family and ministry needs are higher than what they receive each month.
  3. Pray that God may raise up young people who can join them in the ministry.
  4. Pray for the three mission church plants and other places they have sowed the word of God.  Pray for young people that can move to these areas and serve full-time.  One of the mission church plants has a leaky roof that needs to be replaced. 
  5. Pray for the Niš Baptist church and Balkan Theological Seminary.  Pray that we can raise the funds to purchase the land with the facilities. We are currently paying rent.
  6. Pray for the seminary and its needs.  Pray for the students as they study and are active in their churches.
  7. Pray that funding for the mission churches and missionaries will be raised.
  8. Pray that God would provide a van for the seminary.
  9. Pray for our sons to remain close to the Lord and grow into knowing Him as their personal savior. 

Emanuel and Jelena Ralevic