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Alumni Prayer Focus

April 2022

This month we are praying for Christable Addio-Chidie, a 2018 MDiv graduate. Christable is a part of the Children’s Ministry Team at Agape House New Testament Church in Accra, Ghana.  Agape Kidz is a place where children are loved, valued, and empowered to be God wants them to be. 

Christable has many roles within the church.  

  • Edits the previous lessons for Early Childhood classes.
  • Converts the weekly sermons into understandable Bible lessons for children with accompanying videos.
  • Creates the take-home sheets for the children. 
  • Prepares graphics, PowerPoint, and banners to be used to enhance the lessons.
  • Prepares special events for the children.
  • Trains volunteers.
  • Organizes outreach programs and gives support to local churches to serve more children in the community. 

Prayer needs

  • Pray for wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit as I research and write lessons. 
  • Pray that this will be more than ‘just’ a job or weekly routine. Pray that God will use this ministry to help me grow spiritually as I write and create the lessons for the children. 
  • Pray for strength, unity, peace, and the growth of the team. The task can get overwhelming and raise doubts and disagreements. 
  • I would like to study and improve my lesson writing skills – pray for this opportunity.


“Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to pray for me.  God bless you.”   – Christable

Christable Addio-Chidie