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Alumni Prayer Focus

February 2020

Jacob and Amy Ott, Tyndale Graduate 2019, Tanzania.

We have arrived in Kilwa Masoko, Tanzania! We have moved into a furnished home and just had to unpack our bags and supplies.  The humidity and heat have been an adjustment.  Culture dictates that Jacob wears long pants and Amy a skirt, with her shoulders covered and a head covering.  Pray for us as we continue to adjust to Tanzania.


Prayer Needs

  • James has opened doors to relationships with several neighbors that have invited us into their homes.  Our limited Swahili was quickly exhausted but we are thrilled to have made contact with some of our neighbors and excited to see how God is going to use our boys to open doors for relationships and ministry.
  • Learning Swahili has been intensive.  We are taking classes everyday and once the boys are in bed in the evenings, we study some more.  Pray for understanding, fluency and strength as we continue to learn, study and utilize.  Pray for patient language partners that allow us to practice and learn.
  • We have had the privilege of witnessing two different baptisms since we have been here.  Please pray for the growth of these new believers and that they will remain bold in sharing their faith.  Praise God for these public confessions of faith.
  • We were able to help out during an Eye Clinic.  Those that attended received not only a pair of eye glasses but also  the Gospel of John and an invitation to attend the Jesus Film.  Pray that hearts will continue to be open and God’s word will take root.
  • Historically the coastal Swahili region has been closed to Christianity and just a few years ago Christians were not even allowed to eat publicly during Ramadan.  Currently there is a wide open door among many of these villages and no open hostility toward Christians.  Praise the Lord for these open doors.  Pray that the door will remain open and that many will be open to the gospel. 
  • Pastors from 10 different denominations from the entire Southcoast region gathered to discuss how to evangelize the unreached villages.  Pray that God will continue to move within this unity to work together and reach our Muslim neighbors with the gospel.
  • James needs a visa!  At 4 years old, he is not considered a dependent of ours so he did not receive a permanent visa.  If he does not receive his visa by Feb 29, we will need to leave the country for a few days and re-enter.
  • Pray for our health.  Lukas has already tested positive for Malaria and we have struggled with various ‘bugs’.
  • The need is great! Pray that the gospel will go forth in the many unreached areas.  Pray for more workers to join us in this time of openness.



Pray for Jacob, Amy, James and Lucas