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Alumni Prayer Focus

November 2022

This month we are praying for Precious Chilaga (2021) graduate, his wife Amina and their daughter, Maziko.  Precious is from Malawi, just outside of Blantyre.  After he graduated from Tyndale, he used his ‘Zoekjaar’ to stay in Holland, work and save money for the project that he is now seeing come to fruition.  His vision when he left Tyndale was to see a Christian Secondary school started in their area. 

Logos Academy

The construction is being financed primarily through his personal savings, some donations from friends and a ‘gofundme’ project.  At this point, there are 4 basic classrooms that have been established.  Still needed is roofing and plastering to complete them.  The second phase of the project will be to build a library, toilets, staffroom and a science lab.  September ‘23 he hopes to have the building complete, staff hired and the doors open for students.  Once they are up and running, the government will make an assessment of the school, however they will not be able to give exams until they have full approval from the government. 

They intend to start with only two classes in the first year of operation, and add two more classes the second year.  The school will have the capacity for 200 students, but during the first year the target is for 100 students. 

Secondary education is expensive and not accessible to all, to alleviate that hardship, he hopes to establish a scholarship fund.

Grace Bible Institute

At the present, Precious is teaching at Grace Bible Institute as well as working on the construction of Logos.  This school works with 4 weeks of intensive teaching blocks.  He is also hoping to become a visiting lecturer at Evangelical Bible College in January. 

Pray Needs:

  • Pray for God fearing men and women to help run Logos Academy, not only as teachers and staff, but also as a board of trustees.  
  • Pray for God’s wisdom in running Logos. 
  • Pray for God’s provision of resources to complete the building. 
  • One of the goals is to be self-sustaining, pray that God will bring the right activities to accomplish this. 
  • Pray for the governmental approval needed to function fully as a secondary school.
  • Pray for him as he prepares and teaches at Grace Bible Institute.
  • Pray for the right balance between family and ministry. 
  • There is a cholera outbreak in their area – pray for protection for their health as they enter the rainy season.

Precious Chilaga