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Alumni Prayer Focus

2 November 2019
Today we are praying for Maurits Luth and his wife Denice and daughter Sifra. He is a 2015 graduate from Tyndale. He is pastoring a church north of here in Tweede Exloermond.

Prayer Needs

  • I ask you to pray for the parents of Jeroen Maris. He was a MET-student and dear friend of mine. Jeroen died due to a car accident in 2014. He was their only child – and although their lives have been spiritually improved – they still go through hard times some days.
  • After graduation in 2015 we were called to serve a hurt and “grey” baptist church in the north of Holland, in the village of Tweede Exloërmond. In my first two years I had already buried more than fifteen percent of the church members. Pray for all the mourning families here.
  • When we started, we only had 2 kids that attended Sunday School. Today about 12. But even better: we reach out monthly to around 50 kids in our village at the Young Creative Kids club, supporting our relationships in the village and spreading Gospel truth around. Pray for the Holy Spirit to work in these (often broken) families.
  • At the start of our time, only 4 teenagers were left in church. By Gods grace, we now have 4 different youth groups, reaching about 80 youth (age 11-24) on a bi-weekly basis. Pray that the things learned during the Youth Alpha Course of last year will continue to have impact. Pray that the connection with older generations will improve.
  • God is showing many Christians in our surrounding area that we are united more than we dared to think. 12 services a year we celebrate with the local Protestant church (PKN). Throughout the year we have an interdenominational study centre (Leerhuis), offering around 10 courses, in 6 different evangelical churches.
  • Together with the local government (which is unique!) we are organizing a Marriage Course this coming spring, since the government and our church see the problems of many broken marriages in our village. Pray that the people attending will find out what Love is about.
  • I shared with you some “wonderful numbers” but pray that I will keep the right focus, which is not numbers: “leaving the ninety-nine to find that one”. Pray for right priorities in the balance of personal quiet time/marriage/family life/church.
  • Summer 2020 we will be moving to Kampen. The Baptist church in Kampen is desiring to reach out into the city, break down barriers and create unity and we feel that this is something we can help with. After 5 years in Exloermond this is going to be a difficult move with many emotions, pray for us as we say goodbye to friends and ministry partners here and start a new ministry.
Be convinced of my prayers for you, students and professors/staff, that you may experience all the riches that God gives you by studying at and serving at Tyndale.

Don’t forget to enjoy the cultural differences – I miss it a lot!

Thank God for all the professors and staff; their sacrificial love and humility are still cherished in my heart.

Hope to see you soon! שלום!

The Luth family