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Alumni Prayer Focus

14 October 2019
We are praying for Ivan and Zhana Kalabric, 2015 graduates of Tyndale. They are originally from Serbia and Bosnia. They have two children Mateo (5) and Aria (2). They have been ministering in Cyprus and recently moved to Padova, Italy.

Ivan writes:

“We are now settled in Padova, Italy and are starting to build up our local ministry around people from our neighborhood. As we do so, we pray that God would expand our influence into the region as we create a network of leaders who are committed to disciple multiplication.

Of course, ministry in post-Christian Europe is very different then what we would think and has its own dynamics.

For example, here in Italy, we are not allowed to gather in any way if we don’t have a shrine of worship which is recognized by the government. Therefore, we have to be creative in order to make disciple-making connections.

To do so, we are planning to start an NGO something like “inter-cultural impact”, that you may be familiar with from Rien Van Der Toorn in NL. Through this, we will provide services related to cultural adaptation to migrants, refugees and non-EU citizens who are coming to Italy.

With this, we will promote Christian worldview and cultural anthropology values and try to “break into” society in order to make connections that will lead to disciple multiplication. Our goal is to be a bridge in society, between migrants and local people, between churched and un-churched and prove that we can learn from each other and be a blessing to this country. Also, we want to teach people who come here as migrants and refugees that they have a lot to give, not only to take.

We hope in the same way that we have seen Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists coming to Christ during our ministry in Cyprus, that as we use the same approach, here in Italy, that we will see fruit. Our hope is that as they get to know Jesus, they will become persons of peace in their communities where we have no access and disciples will be made to a 4th generation in places where we could never have access.

Hope this excites you the same way it excites us.”

Our prayer needs:

  • More opportunities to meet with people.
  • Good cooperation with government offices and charities here.
  • Money to do it all 🙂 Right now we are not even fully funded ourselves and have some debt due to transition. We are at 65 percent, which is quite low given the cost of living here.
  • We will have to pay taxes in June 2020, some 10.000$ and only God knows where will it come from.

Ivan and Zhana Kalabric