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Alumni Prayer Focus

October 2020

The month of October we are praying for alumni Edward Nyituriki a 2019 graduate of Tyndale. He and his wife, Emerthe live in Gitarama, Rwanda and have a reconciliation ministry. 

  Edward did his thesis on reconciliation in Rwanda between victims and perpetrators of the genocide.  Since returning to Rwanda, he has been working to put his ideas into motion.

Please pray for:

Concerning the reconciliation ministry:

Edward has formed a reconciliation group made up of 17 ex-prisoners and 11 survivors.  He has trained them in conflict management, trauma healing, repentance, and forgiveness.  He is working with them to form a cohesive group.  Please pray for this group of leaders as they work through their own healing process and prepare to help others.

The larger project is to involve 700 people that will reach out to genocide survivors, ex-prisoners and current prisoners.  Through this he hopes to target 50 parishes (of all denominations) in the cities of Kamonyi, Muhanga, Ruhango, Nyanza, and Rugendabari.  Each church will have a group of 14 that will be in charge of the ministry.  This will include the pastor, lay leaders, women’s representatives, genocide survivors and ex-prisoners.  This group will be tasked with reaching out to the target group and mobilizing their communities towards reconciliation.  Pray for these people as they are trained and as they work through this important ministry of healing for Rwanda.

Please pray for funding for this ministry as there is currently no budget for this new ministry.  Edward is using his own limited resources for transportation and communication.

Concerning the prison ministry:

Last November, they were able to train 36 volunteers who are involved in sharing the gospel in two prisons, Nyanza and Muhanga.  They also received 10 new volunteers which were a real boost to the ministry.  Their training has gone very well.  Pray for these volunteers as they reach out with the gospel within the prisons.

There is currently a group of 28 that are meeting every Thursday.  This group consists of ex-prisoners, victims of genocide and current prisoners.  They are being taught skills to deal with trauma, healing, recovery, etc.  Pray for this group as they meet each Thursday.

One of the hardships these families face is how to create a livelihood.  To that end, Edward has been involved in creating a tree nursery and one goat per family program that will provide some finances for the families in the future and it also trains them to work together.  Pray for the success of these programs.

Edward also overseas the ministry of pastoral welfare in his diocese.  Pray for him as he balances ministry and family.

Concerning his family:

Edward recently had an uncle pass away and this has been very hard on the family.

Both girls are taking national exams this year: Angela is taking the Senior 6 exam and Fiona is taking the Primary 6 exam.


The Nyituriki family