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Alumni Prayer Focus

April 2021

The month of October we are praying for Chris Haynes.  Chris is a 2013 MET alumnus.  He is working in the Czech Republic.

He is working with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and Presbyterian Reformed Ministries International.

Alpha Course

Chris teaches an Alpha Course through the International Church of Prague.  He also preaches at the church monthly.  

Outreach through English Courses

Chris is reaching Czechs and internationals through English Language camps.  These camps are organized by the Scripture Union and through  Campus Crusades’ Language Center.

Student Ministry

About 20 university students meet weekly for dinner, prayer and Bible study in his home.  Through this outreach 3 students have accepted Christ and were recently baptized. 

Further Outreach

Through his ministry he has been able to take mission trips to Belarus and Estonia helping the church with evangelism and teaching biblical perspective courses. He is also appointed by the Presbyterian Reformed to be the liaison with the Vatican.  As a part of his work with the Vatican he works with the European Leadership Forum.  Through this forum he works with conservative and charismatic Catholics, his goal is to not compromise truth but to seek a relationship and educate evangelical leaders in how to dialogue with Roman Catholics. 

Doctorate Studies

He is turning his MET from Tyndale into a PhD in New Testament at ETF, Leuven.  Pray for him as he is completing his thesis. 

Praying for the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of the most secular countries in Europe. 

  • About 70% would believe in a higher power, accompanied by New Age beliefs
  • About 16% of Czechs are atheists
  • 10-14% believe that a personal God exists
  • About 3% are believing Christians


Prayer Needs:
  • Pray for his financial needs.  As a missionary in the Czech Republic all of his income must come from outside the EU.
  • Pray that ministry, churches and courses can fully resume after Covid.  The lack of on-going personal ministry has taken a large toll.
  • Pray for the Scripture Union Language camps.  There were two camps in August. Pray for those that made decisions to follow Christ.  5-6 students have begun attending the Thursday night Bible study as a result.
  • Alpha Course will begin Oct. 5, 3 students are signed up, a Slovak, a Ethiopian and a Korean.  Pray that they can meet in person rather than on Zoom.
  • Pray for the International Baptist Church, his role in preaching and the Alpha course that is a ministry from the church.
  • Before he can enter the PhD program, he must first turn his MET thesis into a Research Master, his thesis is due in April ‘22.
  • Pray for the students in his Bible study.  Daniel (Slovak), Sarah (German), Martin (Czech), Elijah (Indian), Albert (Czech) and Kuba (Czech) are all very close to accepting Christ as their savior.  Pray that Elijah and Kuba would come to the Alpha Course.
  • Prayer for his language tutors.  Chris speaks a multitude of languages and continues to study with many different tutors.  Pray that he will be able to share Christ with them (many are in closed countries).
  • A new missionary, Nate Cole is joining their team.  Pray for his transition.
  • The first week of November he is traveling to the UK for a course on counseling those who have been through trauma or demonized.
  • Pray that he would be able to travel to the US for Christmas to see his family.
  • Pray for his work through the Language Center, this is an outreach program to reach university students. 
  • Due to Covid, the trips to Belarus and Estonia have been cancelled.  Pray that these would be able to resume.
  • Pray for continued good health for Chris.  

Chris Haynes, Czech Republic