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Alumni Prayer Focus

April 2021

The month of September we are praying for Hannah Kipgen.  Hannah is a 2019 MDiv alumna.  She is from India but works as a missionary in Nepal  

Hannah is involved in primarily a teaching ministry.  Among other things she is teaching in two small Bible Schools.  One is called the Dharan Bible School and is run by the pastors of their church in the town of Dharan.  The other is the Evangelical Leadership Training Center (ELTC).  The goal is to train and give basic theological education for local pastors and church leaders like the elders, deacons and teachers in the church. She is also involved in teaching women leaders from across Nepal. She has trained 27 women through the ministry of ELTC.

Church ministry

They have 20 churches and church plants that they are responsible for. Hannah is conducting Bible studies in these churches.  In these studies, she is taking a walk through different books of the Bible (“this is where all the exegesis classes have been so helpful” ~ Hannah).  The believers enjoy these studies, many of them are illiterate and they rely solely on oral presentations for understanding the Word of God.  

Orphan ministry

They currently have 7 orphan boys living with them.  This is a large part of Hannah’s ministry as she cares for them by cooking, cleaning, schooling and teaching them the Word of God. 

Challenges in ministry

One of the biggest challenges they face is the restrictions of corporate gatherings due to Covid.  80% of the believers do not have internet access and therefore online services are not an option. The church leaders have had to be proactive and find creative ways to continue fellowship.  “There are times literally when some believers have walked into our house requesting us to start physical worship because they want to be fed with the Word of God,” (remember the majority are illiterate) One of the solutions they have come up with is conducting 3-4 sessions of in-person worship services. The believers are divided into small groups of 20-30 and the services are kept short.  The believers have been very encouraged by this opportunity to meet together to hear the Word of God. 



Our believers are in good spiritual health.  They long to grow in God’s Word.  There is peace, unity and harmony in the church. Praise God for this!

Prayer needs

  • That God would continue to grant wisdom to the leaders as they lead the church in such circumstances (new ideas, new vision).
  • That God would bring literate, employed, educated people to the church. That God would help many of the believers with financial debt.
  • That people from the upper caste community (85% are lower caste) would come to the Lord in the churches (Brahmin, Chettri).
  • That the youth struggling with drug addiction would repent, be free from their addictions and walk with the Lord (this increased during the lockdown).
  • That we would be able to resume our Bible training at ELTC. Land has been purchased but buildings need to be built.  The vision is to start a full-time residential bachelors program in English and Nepali.
  • That God would raise up new church leaders (some have recently died); especially a youth leader.
  • Pray that new church plants will start in different parts of the country.
  • Hannah’s father’s health, he has been ill and has many responsibilities and churches.
  • For the seven orphan boys, they would walk with the Lord.
  • As she teaches she is very aware that because the literacy level is so low, many rely on her to teach accurately. Pray that God will continue to help her to interpret and teach the Word correctly. 
  • She has a lot on her plate!  She is trying to finish up another M.Th., her work with the churches and the orphan boys, her father has been ill, all of these things have added more pressure for her and she is feeling the result of it. 
  • A life partner that shares her vision for ministry.

Hannah Kipgen, Nepal