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Give Financially

Tyndale is a missionary endeavor in every sense. Our resident faculty are missionaries who raise their own support through various mission agencies. Our alumni serve the kingdom of God in local churches around the world. The majority of our students are involved in Christian ministry when they come to Tyndale. Most of them come from developing nations and return to serve in their home countries upon graduation. Over 90% of our students receive some type of financial aid, and the majority of our program students receive full scholarships. Your gifts help us equip leaders ready to disciple others by make a life-changing, Christ-centered education possible.

Tyndale Theological Seminary is a U.S. 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. It is also recognized by the Dutch government as a Stichting/ANBI. All gifts are tax-deductible. Explore the many following opportunities for giving.

Become a Tyndale Associate
Tyndale Associates are people who give $1000 or €1000 in a calendar year. You can join this honorary group of faithful people who are dedicated to empowering students and faculty to excel as influencers in our world for Christ. Tyndale Associates pray for the school regularly and often visit with faculty, staff and board members to discuss the school.
The Student Scholarship Fund
Scholarships allow Tyndale to provide an affordable Christ-centered educational experience. It makes it possible for qualified students to be better equipped as they serve the Lord. This is especially true for the high percentage of students from developing nations who study at Tyndale.
The Tyndale Fund
Tyndale Seminary is missionary school which was founded by and continues to be guided by missionary faculty and staff. The Lord has blessed individual faculty and staff to serve at Tyndale by providing, among other things, the funding needed for them to work at the school. Therefore, gifts to Tyndale’s General Fund are chiefly directed to keeping the school, its classrooms, library, dining room, and dormitory working well and upgraded as needed. Your gifts to The Tyndale Fund thus benefit all the students, faculty and staff who serve at the seminary.
Missionary Faculty Support

All faculty members are missionaries who raise their support to teach at Tyndale. This can be challenging and your gift would be an encouragement. Please note the name of this fund in the comments portion of the giving page.