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President's Welcome

Mark Garavaglia


Dear prospective student,

Welcome to Tyndale Seminary of the Netherlands. As you are considering your next step in following our Lord through theological education, there may be two important questions you want to consider. The most important is “what” do you want to achieve through formal theological training. Once you decide this through reflection, prayer, consulting with mentors, and the leadership of the Holy Spirit, it often can be used to answer the second question: “Where should I pursue my training.”

Each believing seminary no doubt offers certain unique qualities. My goal here is to tell you a bit about what Tyndale offers to help you answer the “what” question. There are three things that are core to Tyndale which we believe come together and are used by God to provide a unique experience for students, faculty and staff.

The first factor is Tyndale’s dedication to God’s word. We believe that God’s word as found in the Bible is the hope not only for salvation of the lost, but properly studied, a critical means for sanctification for individual believers and advancing God’s church. Tyndale not only strives to be faithful in teaching the Bible and the historical doctrines of the faith, we apply these truths to transform the hearts and minds of God’s people, His church and culture. Our emphasis on teaching our students the original languages in which the Bible was primarily written, Hebrew and Greek, adds to their understanding of God’s word and enables them to better teach when they return to full-time ministry. Our students realize the rigor that all of this can bring, but rejoice in learning God’s word at this level.

The second factor is Tyndale’s approach to discipleship. God has raised up many schools to teach through both traditional classroom settings and, more recently, through advanced learning of the Bible via on-line and other Internet possibilities. The faculty and staff at Tyndale believe we have been called to “make disciples” in the more traditional fashion, with one-to-one discussions, meetings and relationships between each student and an assigned faculty or senior staff member. Tyndale enjoys a 5:1 student/faculty ratio which assists us in our discipleship model. When our students and graduates reflect and report to us regarding their years at Tyndale, it is this one-to-one and small group discipleship model that they most appreciate about their theological training. In addition, the majority of Tyndale faculty live near the campus, many within walking distance. Students get involved and are able to observe the Christian life being lived out on a daily basis.

The third factor is its multinational and inter-denominational student body. If you come to Tyndale, it will not be unusual for you to sit at a lunch table of eight students representing five different countries. We normally have 75 to 100 students taking classes each year, about one-half being full-time program students. On top of this, we regularly have between 20 and 30 nations represented in our student body in any given year. This inter-denominational, international student body provides a different type of learning context.

Undergirding these three qualities of the seminary is love. The students, faculty, and staff seek to daily exhibit, grow and extend the love of Jesus Christ in all of our thoughts, words and actions. Of course, we are sinners saved by His grace, but we truly seek to walk with Him daily and share Him with each other through our lives.

I hope answering “what” you hope to achieve with your theological education may have you considering Tyndale as the “where” you would like this to take place. We are praying for our prospective students.

In Christ,