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Tuition and Financial Aid

Financial Information

All fees at Tyndale Theological Seminary are paid in Euros (€). Exchange rates may vary during the year, and applicants are encouraged to consider possible fluctuations when estimating their total educational costs. The chart below outlines the costs for full-time students. The average cost may vary depending on summer school enrolments which may be required to complete a program. Tuition estimates are based on the cost per credit hour (ECTS).

Breakdown of Estimated Costs for One Year of Study (in Euros)

* Living in the residence hall with 19 meals/week (€450 per month)

** The Netherlands requires foreign students to have medical insurance.  If you do not already have valid insurance, you may arrange for coverage through the seminary.  Costs vary from €40 to €110 per month with respect to visa status, work status, health condition, and age.  Coverage is necessary for the whole year. All full scholarship students are expected to contribute €500 to this cost upon arrival at Tyndale. Others must pay for the whole amount for each year during their time at Tyndale.

Tuition and fees

Fees for Students Enrolled in an Academic Degree Program

Residence Permit (for studying)

  • For all non-EU students there is a one-time expense for a residence permit. This is to be paid in full on the first day of orientation. The current fee (2023) is €210.00 [* verblijfsvergunning met MVV] . Should a prospective student commit to coming to Tyndale, but then choose not to come, that person will be responsible for the payment of fees that Tyndale has incurred on his or her behalf regarding the visa process. If for any reason a student needs to lengthen their original visa, he or she will be responsible for the cost of that lengthening.

Graduation Fee

  • Every student who graduates from an academic degree program is assessed a €50 fee.

Continuation Fee

  • This €55 yearly fee only applies if a student wishes to stay enrolled in a program, but is not registered for classes for one year. The fee will be assessed when the student registers for another class. MET students who are in the thesis process will be assessed according to the MET Thesis Guide. All continuation fees assessed must be paid in full before a diploma will be issued.

MET Thesis Binding Fee

  • Every Master of Evangelical Theology (MET) student who graduates is required to have a printed copy of his or her thesis bound for the library.  The cost for this is €50. The student may desire to have additional copies bound for their personal use. The cost to have additional copies bound is €50 a piece.

Part-time Student Fees

Students also take classes on a part-time basis. These classes are charged per credit or “per ECTS.”
Tuition, per credit for any class in a Tyndale program [from 1-18 ECTS]: €55
Maximum tuition fee per term (18+ ECTS ): €990
Tuition to audit a class (no grade or credit is given) per ECTS : €25


Single students may be housed in Tyndale’s Residence Hall.

The following general fees apply for use of the dorm and are based on availability:

  • Residential students (per month) €450 (inclusive 19 meals per week in the Tyndale dining hall)
  • Registered students who may need a room occasionally (per night) €25 (inclusive of meals regularly served per Tyndale’s schedule)
  • Prospective students (2 nights) no charge (inclusive of meals normally served per Tyndale’s schedule)
  • Non-residential students and others may sign up in advance on the meal signup sheet in the dining hall. The costs for individual meals are:
    • Breakfast €2
    • Lunch €4
    • Dinner €7

Married Students

Responsibility for locating married-student housing rests with the student. Tyndale will do its best to assist with that process where immigration regulations allow. Married students without children may be considered for a dorm room if one is available.

Please note: Tyndale will not accept any responsibility or be responsible for offering assistance in helping a student or prospective student to bring a family to the Netherlands or maintain a family while enrolled in studies at the seminary.

Other Expenses to Consider

Local Transportation

Estimate per month €25 and up.
Local transportation is available to reach school, church, local libraries, etc. A student might be able to save a considerable amount of money by purchasing and using a bicycle or living close to the school.


Estimate per month €35 and up.
Some items such as haircuts, clothing, gifts, recreation and other personal needs must be anticipated. Each student will determine what he or she needs in this respect.

Financial Aid/Scholarships

Every effort is made to keep the cost of a Tyndale education affordable so that financial need will not be a barrier to prospective students.  Costs at Tyndale Seminary are much lower than that of many graduate institutions in Europe and lower than those of similar institutions in North America.  Nevertheless, it may be a challenge for students to raise the necessary funds.

Financial assistance is available and is awarded on the basis of:

  • the availability of funds
  • the needs of the student as determined from the Financial Disclosure Statement submitted by the student
  • MET and MDiv students who are also salaried workers through a Christian ministry may be eligible for a 50% discount on their tuition (Clergy Discount)

In order to be considered for financial aid from Tyndale’s Scholarship Fund, a student is required to complete and submit the Financial Disclosure Statement with the application.

Prior to initiating any action for an entry or residence permit, Tyndale must be satisfied with a student’s financial preparations. The student will be required to provide information with respect to financial and insurance matters. This is done through the Financial Disclosure Statement. The student may also need to furnish letters of intent from any sponsors listed and/or proof of financial resources. Such a letter can be found here. Only MDiv and MET program candidates are considered for financial aid.


Art Johnston Leadership Award

A specific scholarship has been developed for European leaders. Tyndale desires to serve the European church by educating disciples who will make disciples, train, and lead the future church of Europe. The Art Johnston Leadership Award will be awarded to up to two European students per academic year. This award is a full scholarship including tuition, textbooks, and room and board (if single and living in the dorm). This scholarship is renewable annually for the duration of the recipient’s education dependent on criteria met.  (Download application)



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