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Area Churches

Students are expected to be connected to a local church during their entire time at Tyndale (Heb. 10.25). Your time away from your home church provides you with a wonderful opportunity to be blessed by a different church ministry and culture than your own. This can enrich your appreciation of the body of Christ and provide you with opportunities to learn new models of ministry that you might later introduce back home. You can also be a blessing to your brothers and sisters here in Holland by participating in a fellowship during your time as a student here.

In selecting a church there are many things to consider. There are roughly 160 churches in Amsterdam, mainly traditional Reformed and Protestant churches. For a list of English Language and Dutch Language Churches offering translation of services see the links below.

There are some well-established evangelical churches in the area, plus a few churches in the process of being planted. Several parachurch groups are also involved in various ministries. Another good resource is your fellow students. Talk with them about their church experiences and go with them to visit different churches.

(The information below is provided only for the purpose of finding churches in your area. We encourage you to independently determine the suitability of any church for you. Please note this is not a recommendation or endorsement of the following churches.)

English-language Church Services in the Netherlands
Tool for finding churches in Holland in your language
List of churches in Amsterdam
List of churches in Amstelveen
List of some churches in Amsterdam and Amstelveen
List of churches in Hoofddorp
List of Many Migrant Churches in Holland