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Welcome to Tyndale!

The following information is designed to provide you with information and tools that will enable you to live and study successfully in our community. (Please note: depending on your browser, certain forms may look distorted before being downloaded.)


We welcome you to the Tyndale Library!

The Tyndale Library is located in the central Atrium of our main building, Chatlos Hall. Our collection numbers approximately 25,000 hard-copy books and other materials.

Tyndale Library focuses on theological books: biblical studies, systematic and dogmatic theology, church history, and practical/pastoral theology. A small number of other works of non-fiction and fiction are also included.

The main language of Tyndale Seminary is English, so most of our resources are in English. However, our Dutch-language section is expanding and we also have some resources in German and other languages.

Digital access: Tyndale makes use of the digital resources of the KB (Dutch National Library). ATLA/EBSCOHost, JSTOR and Project Muse are some of the resources available. Students, faculty and staff are invited to take out a personal membership to access the KB. For more information, see the KB site.

To access the library catalog, click below.

For more information, look at the library orientation slide presentation.

Click here for the link to the KB (Dutch National Library) website.

Please write to me personally with any questions at lcopley@tyndale-europe.edu. If you are not one of our students but would like to check books out or make use of our resources, please write to me to make an appointment.

With best regards as you use the Tyndale Library, Mr. Logan Copley, librarian.


The lists of required textbooks for current terms can be found by clicking here. You will also find a helpful resource on Places for Ordering Textbooks.

Daily Calendar

It is important to keep up-to-date on events happening at Tyndale. Click here to access the Tyndale Daily Calendar.

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is filled with information about everything from dorm living to academic requirements. It is a guide to your life as a Tyndale student. The Student Handbook encompasses several related documents which are listed below.

  • Student Academic Handbook
  • MET Thesis Guide and MET Validation Exam
  • Library Manual
  • Community Life Manual
  • Spiritual Formation and Student Mentoring Manual
  • Internship Guidelines
  • Code of Conduct
  • Google Drive Manual

Research and Writing at Tyndale

Students come from a variety of academic backgrounds. It is important for students to know and to understand what is expected by Tyndale in terms of research and writing. This information is available by clicking below.

Class Schedules

Please click below to find the term class schedules and academic calendars.

Registration Information

Please click here for information related to registering for classes for a current term. You will find the following:

  • TBE Registration Form
  • Drop/Add Slip
  • Program Term Registration Forms

Miscellaneous Forms

The following forms are available by clicking below.

  • Publicity Permission Form
  • Emergency Contact Form
  • Student Information Form
  • Student Financial Agreement Form (Payment Plan)
  • Change of Degree Program Form
  • Class Substitution Form
  • Art Johnston Leadership Award Application
  • Partial Scholarship Request (for program enrolled students only)
  • Full Scholarship Financial Disclosure Form (for program enrolled students only)
  • Work Detail Form for Full Scholarship Students
  • Checklist for Working Outside of Tyndale (non-EU scholarship students)