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Tyndale Theological Seminary

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Every effort is made to keep the cost of a Tyndale education affordable so that financial need will not be a barrier to prospective students. Costs at Tyndale Seminary are much lower than that of many graduate institutions in Europe and lower than those of similar institutions in North America. Nevertheless, it may be a challenge for students to raise the necessary funds.

Financial assistance is available only to MDiv and MET program candidates or students and is awarded on the basis of:

  • the availability of funds,

  • the needs of the student as determined from the Financial Disclosure Statement submitted by the student with the application, or

  • being a salaried worker through a Christian ministry.

The following items are addressed in this Financial Aid & Scholarship Information download:

  • Fees Not Covered by Financial Aid for Anyone

  • Full Scholarship Grants

  • Clergy Scholarships - for those involved in Christian ministry as their vocation (salaried by a Christian ministry)

  • Partial Scholarships

  • Art Johnston Leadership Award - for European leaders who desire to serve the European church. There is a separate application for this award.

  • Personal Sponsors or Self-Pay

The Art Johnston Leadership Scholarship

The Art Johnston Leadership Scholarship is for those who are from Europe with a specific ministry calling to serve in Europe. We award two full scholarships per academic year to the top two European applicants. This award is a scholarship which includes tuition, textbooks, and room and board (if single and living in the dorm).

At Tyndale Theological Seminary, we desire to serve the European church by educating disciples who will make disciples. Named for our institutionÔÇÖs first president, Art Johnston, this scholarship represents our legacy of excellence.

Click here to read more about the Art Johnston Scholarship