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Tyndale Theological Seminary

We welcome you to our website. Please take a moment to look around and get a feel for what God is doing in and through Tyndale. We are excited to share with you the mission that God has given us: 

Tyndale Theological Seminary stands as a witness for Christ in multicultural Europe, equipping leaders to reach Europe and the world with the gospel.

Tyndale Theological Seminary was started in 1985 with a vision to equip Christian leaders from around the world. The seminary is an accredited, graduate professional school. It is an interdenominational, evangelical seminary focused on world missions.

We desire that Christ’s command “to make disciples of all nations” permeate all of our programs and courses in order to:

  • Extend the cause of world evangelism by training students as pastors, missionaries, teachers, church planters, and Christian leaders.

  • Follow Jesus’ command of discipleship and see lives transformed in heart, mind, and soul.

  • Promote the fulfillment of Christ’s missionary mandate by equipping students for cross-cultural ministry based on the Bible which transcends culture.

If you are interested in these same goals, we invite you to partner with us. 

If you are a prospective student, take a look at our academic programs and admissions information, to see if God is calling you to study at Tyndale.

For more information, the Tyndale Distinctives Booklet explains Tyndale's mission and purpose, and its global impact as a result of equipping students. 


Although the fruits of Tyndale are seen all over the globe, I thank God He placed this seminary in The Netherlands, because a relationship-based, Christ-centered and mission-oriented with solid academic standards is just what we desperately need in this secularized society. As a Dutch pastor and church planter I cannot think of a better place to have been equipped for this ministry than Tyndale.

Maurits, 2015 graduate