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Alumni Prayer Focus

5 December 2019

Arjen and Maija Lock. Arjen is a 2002 Tyndale graduate.

Through translation work with SIL they have been able to produce a NT in the Abau language. Arjen has continued to help the written language develop in that area. One of his concerns has been the teaching of the children and having materials for the children to learn from.

Prayer Needs

  • Pray for the building project to build a safe place to store school supplies and keep them safe and dry. This is a project in the Abau region but is directed at the Karkar -Yuri children.
  • Pray for Alex, Robert and Obow. These are men that work closely with Arjen. Obow is pictured above with Arjen at the celebration of distribution of the NTs. Alex and Robert help Arjen arrange transportation and help accomplish all that needs to be done during his time there.
  • They had to buy 2000 kilos of supplies, cement, benzine, batteries, building supplies and food. A truck will be picking up all of the items they bought and delivering them to the building site. Pray for the transportation to be accomplished.
  • They will be traveling by road and river to the site. Pray for good maneuvering on the riverways, for the boat engine to continue to work, sharpness of vision for the river guide and that they will all arrive safely.
  • Dec 11 is the opening day for the schoolbook storage space. Pray that the building will be accomplished in the amount of time they have. This will be a celebration day, enjoying what God has given and accomplished.
  • Dec 12, 13 Two days of training with the teachers to train them how they can most efficiently and best use the books being stored here. No longer will they need to travel a week to get supplies but they will have the books and materials close at hand and ready to use.
  • The next 10 days will be traveling back through muddy roads and rivers to get to Jayapura to be back in Holland on Dec 23.
  • Arjen’s mother had a fall a month ago, most likely from a stroke. After being in the hospital, they were able to settle her in a care home. She is no longer able to be on her own. She is working with a physical therapist to try to get her legs strong enough to stand again. Pray for her strengthening and health while Arjen is away.

Click on the image above for a video of the work in Papua New Guinea