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Tyndale Theological Seminary

About Tyndale Theological Seminary

We welcome you to our website. Please take a moment to look around and get a feel for what God is doing in and through Tyndale. We are excited to share with you the mission that God has given us: 

Tyndale Theological Seminary stands as a witness for Christ in multicultural Europe, equipping leaders to reach Europe and the world with the gospel.

Our History

Tyndale Theological Seminary was started in 1985 with a vision to equip Christian leaders from around the world. The seminary is an accredited, graduate professional school. It is an interdenominational, evangelical seminary focused on world missions.

What we believe

Tyndale’s professors, staff, students and board members are humbly committed to the following statement of faith. This doctrinal statement guides the selection of those who come to the seminary as students, and for all those who serve on the faculty, staff and the board of directors.

Meet Our Team

Discover the people who shape the academic and spiritual landscape at Tyndale Theological Seminary. Our Resident, Associate and Adjunct Faculty, lead the way in scholarly instruction with practical application. Our Staff ensures the smooth functioning of all institutional operations. Additionally, the Student Life Committee and Board of Directors play pivotal roles in governance and community engagement.

Student Life

One of the significant values of life at Tyndale is our dormitory. Many of our program students live in the dormitory which is located directly across from our main building containing our classrooms, dining hall and library. The students who are able to live in-community are able to access our facilities with great ease and can also connect with other students on an informal basis quite regularly.

Tyndale Alumni

Tyndale alumni are impacting the world for Jesus Christ, they are active on nearly every continent. We invite you to come and explore the exciting ministries that our alumni are involved in. You can explore these ministries via Tyndale Around the World and Monthly Alumni Prayer Focuses.