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Alumni Prayer Focus

February 2021

The month of February we are praying for John Paul del Rosario, 2019 graduate of Tyndale. He is serving as lead pastor at Faith Christian Assembly of God in Santa Rita, Philippines.

  The population of Santa Rita is about 45,000. The church is a well established church with 7 pastors of which JP is the head pastor.  The church has a thriving youth ministry, women’s ministry, Bible studies, etc.  

Last March, when the pandemic hit, God led them to reach out to the poor, poverty stricken areas in their township.  Through that outreach, they have been able to bring basic necessities of rice, noodles, coffee, sugar, milk, bread and canned goods to 50 families every month since last March.  

Through this outreach 2 Bible studies have emerged in these poor communities.  One of the areas is called Holy Spirit Lane.  In this bible study/discipleship program they have 10 adults and 5 youth attending regularly every Saturday.  The second area is called Tulio.  Here there are 20 adults attending every Sunday afternoon.  They will be holding their first baptism for both areas hopefully on February 21st.

Through these outreaches God has given the church a new vision to reach out to the poor communities.  They are now focused on bringing these poor communities in their township to Christ, to disciple them and at the same time address the economic poverty they are experiencing.  The church vision for 2021 is “To see our church effectively address both the problem of spiritual poverty and economic poverty in the township of Santa Rita.”  “This has been a revitalization of our church” says John Paul. 

Another exciting opportunity that has come to the church is an opportunity to reach out to a local juvenile detention center in Mayumi.  These are young men under the age of 18 who committed crimes while waiting for their sentencing.  There are 7 young men coming every Saturday afternoon to the Bible study.  They have given them Bibles and personal hygiene kits.  Pray for these 7 young men that God would reach their hearts.  It is a very challenging ministry but God has called them to reach out to them and disciple them.

Pray for a new outreach ministry that was started at the end of January on Avocado Street which is just walking distance from the church. 

Pray for the church as God is leading them into places and people that have lost all hope and are desperate to hear the Good News of Hope and Salvation.  These four areas are within one kilometer of the church.

Pray for John Paul as he leads this church.  God is doing a mighty work through him and through this church in this area.  May God encourage, strengthen and lead him as he leads the people of this church.  


John Paul del Rosario