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Alumni Prayer Focus

March 2023

This month we are focusing on our invaluable staff that at one time were Tyndale students and graduates.

 Nenad Tunguz (MDiv 2001)

Prayer requests:

  1. For continued stamina, physical health and joy in serving the Tyndale community. 
  2. For healing for Jennifer (from a burnout) and wisdom (for us as a family) as we navigate through these challenging times.
  3. For Olive and Evelyn to continue growing in their knowledge of the Lord.

Solomon Dimitriadis (MDiv 2003)

Prayer Requests:

  1. StudentLife needs new staff to join our national team.
  2. Weekly local outreach is happening in different campuses and cities. Pray that we may see students open to the gospel.
  3. We have changed from staff-led to student-led a few years ago.  Pray that we find new student leaders that will lead the local campus outreach. We also need one national coordinator for the national network of student leaders for September. This has to be a student too. 
  4. Praise God that Christian students are open to grow in the area of evangelism and witnessing.

Szaszi Bene (MDiv 2003)

Prayer request:

  1. Pray for this next season of life and ministry at Tyndale.
  2. Pray for the girls as they navigate schooling. 

Rahman Yakubu (MATS 2004)

  1. Salma (16) who is in her final year of secondary school.  Teenagers are given a lot of pressure to deal with, which she is already sensitive to.  Thank God that she is doing well, but please pray for peace for her.  Thank God also that she really has a longing to get to know God more. 
  2. Nura (10) is noticing the biggest difference in culture between the south of the Netherlands and the Amsterdam area, most noticeable in interaction with classmates.  Also, she’s moving into her teens. Please pray for God to settle her.  She too is beginning to think about her relationship with God. 
  3. Thank God for the slow, but steady increase in our fundraising.  We still have a way to go, and the economic situation in the Netherlands doesn’t make it very easy. 
  4. Nelleke sometimes struggles with the balance between work and family.  Pray for wisdom. 
  5. Rahman is doing great with Dutch, but is frustrated by the limitations it brings in the work with Frontiers. 

Bob Landon (MDiv 2006)

  1. Annet as her dad just passed away.  
  2. Bob’s mom is 100 and her health is failing. 
  3. Bob’s sister as she is caring for his mom.
  4. Bob hopes to go to the US in the summer to see his mom and give his sister a break. 


Bert de Ruiter (MAWE 2006)

  1. On March 15 Bert leads an interreligious meeting in a Pakistani mosque in Amsterdam and on March 16 he leads an interreligious meeting in Arnhem. Pray for good interaction between representatives of different religions at both meetings.
  2. From March 27 to April 7, Jenny and I are on the road in Europe by car for a conference in Croatia. Pray for a safe journey and a good conference.
  3. Many of our Muslim friends start their fasting month this month on the 22th or 23rd . Fasting is often a religious duty to gain God’s favour. Pray that they will discover that God’s favour cannot be earned, but is given to us as a gift of grace through Christ.

Apollo Makara, (MDiv 2016)

  1. Pray for the Lord’s blessing in his ministry. 

Tunguz family.

Solomon and Pia Dimitriadis

Bene family

Yakubu family

Bob Landon

Bert and Jenny de Ruiter

Apollo Makara