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Alumni Prayer Focus

November 2021

This month we are praying for Frans van Santen and his wife Erin and their two children Estella and Moses.

 After seven years of study at TTS, Frans graduated in 2020.  Frans is from the Netherlands and his wife Erin is from the US.  After graduation, they returned to the States and Frans was hired as  Associate Rector at Grace Episcopal Church in Ocala, Florida.

Church Ministry

Frans will likely be here for a year or two before he will lead his own congregation.

This church is a part of an orthodox diocese, one of the very few that are left in a church denomination that, (on a national level) has become theologically liberal. The local church community has been great and welcomed them with open arms.  His theologically sound preaching is very well received. 

Q & A

Frans and other colleagues are presenting difficult topics in a discussion format with time for questions and answers.  

Alpha Course

Frans has launched the Alpha course.  This has been very well received.  During the first course, 2 of the 6 attendees became believers.  The second course has just launched with 24 participants.  

Children’s Ministry

Erin has joined the church staff as Children’s Ministry Director.  

Prayer Needs:

  • Thanks be to God for leading us here, and for providing for us. His guidance was clear and precise, exactly when we needed it.
  • A prayer for our marriage, for God’s protection over it, for an abundance of joy in it, for a blessing from out of it.
  • A prayer for our children, Estella and Moses, that their small children’s faith in Jesus Christ may grow into mature and lasting faith in the years to come.
  • A prayer to find friends; it is difficult to find friends who like us for being Frans and Erin rather than the priest and his wife.
  • A prayer to find a Spiritual Director; I realize that there is currently no one pastoring me, and I need it.
  • A prayer for my preaching, that I may continue to honor God in how I prepare and in how I present, and that many lives may be impacted to the glory of God.
  • A prayer for Erin’s work as Children’s Minister, that God will continue to pour into her life, so that the young hearts she is reaching may be impacted forever.
  • Thanks be to God for an orthodox diocese! We feel very much at home theologically, and pray that it continues to be the case.
  • Thanks be to God for these two people who found living faith in Jesus. Their names are Ken and Jeannie. Please pray that they may continue to grow in their faith.
  • Please pray for the 24 participants in our current Alpha Course, that many lives may be transformed for the glory of God.

Thank you for praying for me, my family and our ministry here.  Somehow, in the mystery of God’s purposes, prayer is directly linked to His activities. So, thank you for praying.

                                                                                                       ~ Frans van Santen


Frans van Santen