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Alumni Prayer Focus

October 2022

Alumni Pray Focus.  Sarah van Kai, Myanmar is a 2008 graduate from Tyndale.  Since leaving Tyndale, Sarah started Love Ministry which has many facets.

Women’s Ministry

Through Bible Study, Sarah is reaching out to about 30-40 women.  They meet regularly for prayer and Bible study.  Before Covid and the military coup, they were able to meet together. As a result of the current difficulties they are meeting online via Zoom.  During her time at Tyndale and her internship at Trinity Church, she was encouraged by the Women’s ministry and desired to start something similar in her home country. 

Children’s Ministry

Through Love Preschool, she ministries to over 50 children and 5 teachers.  7 of these children are orphans and she has a separate ministry to these children. 

Medical Ministry

In 2010 she started a medical ministry but this has had to stop due to the political unrest in the country. 


Reaching the widows and poor

Due to the pandemic and the political unrest, many families desperately need help for daily living.  In the slum areas there is much physical and spiritual need.  Through providing their physical needs, the door has been opened to share God’s truth. 15 women have recently accepted Jesus as their savior. 

Political and Religious Environment

Myanmar continues in civil war, many places are effected by this, but where Sarah is living is not.  Thousands of people have escaped to and living in the forests.  It is not safe to travel and prices are very high.  Because of the situation many Buddhists are open to the gospel and are hearing and receiving the good news for the first time. 

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for peace and genuine democracy in Myanmar.  Pray that God will remove the unjust rulers.  Pray for those that have been unlawfully arrested to be freed.  It is estimated that 15,686 people have been arrested and 2,326 have been killed by this regime.  Many villages have been burned and the homeless numbers are increasing. 
  • Myanmar needs spiritual revival.
  • Pray for Love Preschool, that we will be able to remain open and continue to operate.
  • Pray for the orphan children, for their spiritual and physical needs to be met.  Pray that they grow in their knowledge of God. 
  • Pray for the women in the Bible Study.  The internet is often bad and it is difficult to get online.  Some are trying to buy data to correct this, but that is expensive.
  • Pray for the widows and poor in the slum areas. 
  • Pray as she teaches more women and children, women are being trained in many different churches. 
  • Sarah would like to plan a conference in December for the widows and the poor women.  Pray for the planning and financial means to do this. 
  • Pray that God will continue to give her the vision and wisdom that He has for Love Preschool and the International Elemenatry School.
  • Pray that she will know more of God in her own life and deepen her love for Him.

“I am grateful for my time at Tyndale and all of my professors and staff.  I pray for you all often!”

                                                                        ~Sarah van Kai

Sarah van Kai