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Alumni Prayer Focus

30 September 2019

We are praying for Robert Yanduya (2018 graduate MET degree) and his wife, Ellen and 4 children (2 boys and 2 girls). Several students (John K, Jane and Isaac) went on a mission trip to Malawi last summer. As they visited with Robert, these are some of their thoughts from that trip:

  • Robert has a tremendous visitation ministry to his congregation, visiting 2 people/families per day.
  • He will continue teaching at Evangelical Bible College.
  • Robert’s church, that he thought he was going back to, is being given to another pastor.
  • Because he has such a personal ministry to his congregation, he feels it is best that he leave the church and allow the new pastor room to create his own ministry. This brings with it many changes for him and his family.

Prayer requests from Robert:

  • For Robert’s teaching at Evangelical Bible College
  • For his family through this transition as they move out of the church house and into the school housing.
  • For Robert, for wisdom to know what the Lord has for him as a pastor. (To know Robert is to know that he has a tremendous pastor’s heart.) If God has a church for him to pastor, that He will bring that about.
  • For a new place of worship, since they are leaving their current church. (Goodbye service is Oct 6) Robert and Ellen will be seeking a new place of worship. The children will be remaining at their old church as they are very involved in activities there.
  • Pray for God’s peace and wisdom as they work through these changes.
  • Pray that they will remain strong as a family unit and that God is glorified through these changes and as people watch them walk through these challenges that they will see God in them.
  • Finances. Their former church was providing 60% of their monthly income. These funds are needed for the children to go to school, 2 boys (Joseph and Amos) just started High School. 2 girls are at a private Jr High school.

Robert Yanduya

Robert & Ellen Yanduya at graduation