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Faithful Intercessor's Regularly Supporting Tyndale - September 2022

Greetings from Tyndale Seminary!

On 2 September, we celebrated the beginning of a new school year with our annual Convocation ceremony. We set the evening aside to worship the Lord and focus on what His purposes are for the school. Dr. Szaszi Bene led us in a thoughtful meditation on “The Future of Theology.”

We rejoice in God’s faithfulness and look forward to this new school year with the expectation that He will do great things among us and through us.

Matching Campaign Opportunity

We are excited to announce a matching gift campaign, “Celebrate Our Graduates.” One of our most faithful donors has offered to match every gift given between 15 September and 15 December 2022, up to $100,000. Over many years, he has seen the significant impact that Tyndale graduates have had around the globe for the kingdom of God, and is willing to invest heavily in the continued training and discipling of more Christian leaders. Would you consider joining him in this investment? Your gift will double in value. For how to give, select this link https://tyndale-europe.edu/how-to-give/

Please Pray for Our Graduates

Tyndale has several graduates in very dangerous places in the world. Each one is representing Christ in very challenging circumstances. One of our graduates is currently in prison in India. His family, home, and church were attacked after a baptism where he was accused of proselytizing people of another religion. The political crisis in Myanmar continues and several Tyndale graduates serve there. Some have been unable to return to Myanmar and still have family who cannot get out. In Cameroon civil war continues, and our graduates lead and provide for their churches at this time. The war in Ukraine is far from over, but several Tyndale graduates are still serving, bringing a message of hope to the war-torn areas of that country. Please pray for God’s will to be accomplished in all of these situations and for those who live through them to have His peace and provision.

Please Pray for Our New Students

While we are focusing on our graduates as we go into the matching campaign, each of those people came to Tyndale as students with hearts to serve the Lord. We want to take this opportunity to introduce you to the new program students for 2022-23. Please keep them in your prayers as they adjust to a multicultural community and a very challenging academic load.

Amoon (Pakistan) has a degree in microbiology, but found the Lord calling him to teach and train people to serve God in truth with transformed lives.

Carlson (Cameroon) desires to grow in his knowledge and understanding of the word of God in order to lead worship/music or evangelistic ministries in ways that bring glory to God. He previously studied accounting.

Jovens (Cameroon) served his church as a youth leader, teacher, and altar minister. He wants to receive training that will provide him with a firm biblical foundation which will allow him to pastor and help the local church to grow spiritually and be able to then serve as they are called by the Lord.

Bayarmaa (Mongolia) has served the Lord in various church and parachurch ministries. She believes that God has called her to be involved in a Bible teaching ministry, and is at Tyndale to prepare herself for that.

Matthew (USA) believes that God has called him to be a missionary and evangelist. He is drawn to Tyndale because of its multicultural student body and the testimonies of students regarding the way teachers truly pastor them.

Abraham (Ethiopia) finds nothing more delightful than hearing God speak through scripture in ways that allow him to preach and teach by His Spirit. His goal is to teach the word of God in both the church and seminaries.

Hadassa (the Netherlands/Vietnam) has seen God place her in leadership positions within the church and parachurch organizations and she wishes to be better equipped to lead and teach others the word of God.

Xavior (India) has served as a pastor for the last 21 years. He has come to Tyndale to become better grounded in sound doctrine so that he can help his church to grow in faith, but also to enable them to identify false teachings, especially prosperity-centered teachings.

Joel (Cameroon) comes to Tyndale looking to be well-equipped to preach and teach his people about the gospel of Jesus Christ. He has served the church already in several capacities, and looks forward to helping them come to a much deeper faith

Hanna (Hungary) has served in both church and parachurch organizations. She is passionate about serving God and loving people, especially those who don’t know God. She looks forward to learning more about God and His transforming work.

Ndubuisi (Nigeria) believes that a proper understanding and interpretation of God’s word is key to reaching people with the gospel and seeing their lives transformed. He would like to provide training, as he will receive at Tyndale, for the younger generation who have a call to ministry.


Please Pray

The presidential search committee of the Tyndale Board of Directors is in the interview process with possible candidates for Tyndale’s new president. Please pray that the right person will respond to God’s call for this very important position. Thank you!

Please Give

Everyone throughout the world is experiencing the rising costs that come with inflation. Tyndale is no exception to this trend. Food costs and utilities have risen by about one-third. This has created a challenging financial situation for the seminary. Would you prayerfully consider a gift to Tyndale that will go towards training men and women from around the world? As mentioned previously, the matching campaign will double your gift. Now is a great time to give.



Seating is limited. Please RSVP to wdemmendaal@tyndale-europe.edu by 30 September 2022.

Please also note that for those who purchase books and other items via Amazon, you can designate Tyndale to receive a small stipend through AmazonSmile: https://smile.amazon.com/ch/65-0154723