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Faithful Intercessor's Regularly Supporting Tyndale - June 2022

Greetings from Tyndale Seminary!

Recently the school year came to a close. It was great that we could go back to a “normal” school year, and have classes in person, rather than on-line. This has also been an eventful year, with a successful re-accreditation process, the departure of President Mark, the search for a new President, and, of course, the graduation of our students.

Tyndale Graduation, 28 May

This was a very special graduation for us. For the first time in three years, we were able to have a traditional Tyndale graduation ceremony, and the church was packed with guests! This year’s graduation class tied with the second biggest class that has graduated from Tyndale – 20 students! We are very proud of them, and will miss them. Tyndale’s Board of Directors also scheduled their spring board meeting on campus during this weekend. Several of them were able to be physically present for the meeting and also attended the ceremony. Mr. Steve Meador, the Chair of the Board of Directors, gave the commencement address.

Meet the Graduates

Xannelou (the Netherlands) – Xannelou has been involved with her husband in pioneering and pastoring a church in Rotterdam, and has started a work for ex-addicts there. She has been involved in counselling, training, and other practical ministries.

Joshua (Uganda) – Joshua has been involved with training believers in Uganda in various ways. His goal is to make biblical training accessible to pastors who currently do not have this opportunity.

Ajay (India) – Ajay came to Tyndale from an IT background, and has served the school as the assistant chaplain for the last year. He returns to India to serve in an internship in his home church, and hopes to be sent to do church planting in rural India.

Florin (Romania/the Netherlands) – Florin lives in Barendrecht, NL, having come from Romania. He has planted and pastored a Romanian church in Rotterdam, in which he plans to continue to serve.

Nicholas (Ghana) – Nicholas has worked as a missionary, assistant pastor, and high school teacher. His goal is to be a church planter in an intercultural setting, and to open a radio station.

Nayab (Pakistan) – Nayab will be continuing her studies in a further degree program in counselling. She hopes to minister to women, children, and engaged couples, and hopes to build a deep sense of community like the one she experienced at Tyndale.

Samuel G (India) – Samuel will marry shortly after his graduation, and will be living in Finland with his new wife. There, they plan on engaging in church planting and building disciples.

Eric (Rwanda) – Eric has worked in youth ministry, and hopes to continue that work with his wife, and perhaps also work with immigrants, either in NW Africa or in Europe.

Mirjam (the Netherlands) – Mirjam lives in the Hague, NL, along with her husband and four children. She has worked in women’s and children’s ministries, discipleship, and in pastoral care. She will continue to work as the coordinator of lay pastoral care at her church.

Jasmine (Pakistan) – Jasmine comes from a business background, and has been involved in a counseling and discipleship ministry in Rotterdam. She will pursue a further degree in counselling, and hopes to help people find their true identity in Christ.

Eun Choung (Jane) (South Korea) – Jane has been involved in ministries such as music education, youth ministry, and worship. Jane and her family are serving as missionaries in Malawi, assisting another Tyndale alumnus there.

Samuel N (India) – Samuel has worked with widows and children, and organized open-air meetings in India. He has served in various ways with his church in the Netherlands. He plans on starting a Christian school and a television station in India.

Amos (Rwanda) – Amos has served as a cleric in the Anglican Church of Rwanda and was involved in several agricultural initiatives to provide a livelihood for families there. He will continue to serve in the Anglican Church of Rwanda.

Anton (the Netherlands) – Anton works as an engineer in electronics and software, and he will continue to work in this area. He serves his local church in various roles such as leading a young adults Bible study and fellowship groups, and he enjoys opportunities to teach and preach.

Kee (Myanmar) – Kee has worked in Christian education ministries in Myanmar and has been involved in the Chin Christian Church of the Netherlands. He hopes to pursue further studies and then continue a ministry in Christian education and discipleship in Myanmar.

Robert (Ghana) – Robert worked as a high school teacher in Ghana and has served as the Student Body President at Tyndale in this past year. He plans to work in theological education and possibly in other parachurch organizations.

Marielen (Brazil) – Marielen has worked in many ministries, including teaching Sunday School, teaching, preaching, and counselling. She wants to serve the local church, and is pursuing opportunities in missions and teaching.

Philip (South Africa/the Netherlands) – Philip has served as a pastor in South Africa and worked with a team in the Netherlands to plant a church in Utrecht. He plans to train leaders and disciples, with the goal of planting more churches and campus ministries.

Stefan (Germany) – Stefan had worked as a technical draftsman before his theological education. He and his wife will be involved in church ministry in a Baptist church in southern Germany.

Theocharis (Harris) (Greece) – Harris is and has worked in youth ministries, and will be continuing that while also working with humanitarian groups in crisis response situations.

Please Pray 

Please pray for these graduates, that God will bless them and guide them. Please also pray for the leadership transitions at Tyndale. Prayer would also be appreciated for the arrival and transition of two new professors this summer. New students are also beginning to arrive, so we would appreciate prayer also for them. Thank you!

Please Give

We thank all of our First Team members for their  prayers for the school. Summer months are challenging in terms of financial gifts. Would you prayerfully consider a gift to the Seminary that will go towards training men and women like these graduates? Your gift will influence the local churches around the world. Giving has also been made much easier through our website: https://tyndale-europe.edu/give/.  On the giving page on the website there are also instructions on how to give by U.S. checks or bank transfers.

Save The Date!

Tyndale’s convocation will be held on 2 September 2022. If you are in the area, please join us for the celebration.

Please also note that for those who purchase books and other items via Amazon, you can designate Tyndale to receive a small stipend through AmazonSmile: https://smile.amazon.com/ch/65-0154723