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Tyndale Theological Seminary

One-Day Preachers & Leaders Conference

Christelijke Gemeente de Wegwijzer, Makassarweg 80, Almere
Luisteren naar de woorden van Jezus in de Schrift.

On Saturday, April 6, there will be a study day (in Dutch) about what we learn from Scripture about Scripture. During this study day in Almere, Dr. Dirk Jongkind hopes to explore this theme in depth in three lectures. There will be an opportunity for community singing, meeting and question sessions during the event.

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The Brotzman Lectures - Dirk Jongkind

When we read through the whole of the New Testament in order, it's not in the chronological order in which these books were written. Dirk will unpack in three lectures how it came into being, and how it will come alive in new and unexpected ways.

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