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Prospective Students

Are you interested in preparing for ministry or are you looking for additional theological education after having worked in ministry for some time? Tyndale has much to offer you. One of the great strengths of Tyndale is that we combine thorough academic programs with a clear focus on ministry. Academic excellence and a heart for ministry are what characterize our students, faculty, staff and programs.

Within the European Continent, Tyndale offers a unique academic and life experience for those interested in:

  • Spiritual Formation
  • Emphasis and training in the original Biblical languages
  • A multi-cultural environment, currently including students from 19 nations
  • Interdenominational
  • Affordable
  • Low Student-Faculty Ratio
  • Accredited, Master’s Level Education
  • Evangelical
  • Quality Faculty
  • Instruction in English

When you study at Tyndale you get a high-quality education in relatively small classes. The atmosphere is very warm and encouraging. The focus is both on gaining knowledge and academic skills as well as on personal growth in faith. I would recommend Tyndale to everyone, whether you come from far away or live close by. The community is very welcoming regardless of your background, or whether you live on campus or not.


The Netherlands