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Tyndale Theological Seminary

Student Life Committee

The Student Life Committee (SLC) works to create and foster long-lasting relationships between the students, faculty, staff and reach out to the local community of Badhoevedorp. The SLC cares about the communities it serves by providing opportunities for fellowship, worship, and service among all its members.

  • It provides advice and counseling on community life and personal matters for students.

  • It provides important information to students on a variety of issues.

  • It acts as a liaison between students and administration.

  • It coordinates student activities and assists administrators in programs ranging from orientation to graduation.

  • It makes decisions on policies governing student life outside the classroom and seeks to identify issues on campus so that they may be resolved in a timely matter. It provides a time and venue to hear students’ appeals, suggestions, and comments. It hears appeals of non-academic decisions, which are alleged to violate students’ rights. It will hear appeals of disciplinary decisions of the deans and serious disciplinary cases referred to it by the office of the Dean of Students or Dean of Women.

The SLC is concerned with significant non-formal and informal educational opportunities, and social, cultural and recreational policies, programs, issues, and services that affect the quality of student life and the campus environment.

The committee consists of the following: Dean of Students (Chair), Dean of Women, Chaplain/Faculty Member, Student Body President, Student Body Vice President and one full-time, first-year residential student representative.