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Tyndale Theological Seminary

The Master of Evangelical Theology Program (MET)

The Master of Evangelical Theology program is designed to produce a person who will apply theological truth and insight to the issues and questions of life, both within the church, and outside of it. It is designed to help the student understand that theological studies are inherently practical, since they focus on God’s revelation of Himself and His good plan for His creation.

The MET is a two-year degree program. It combines course work in all of the theological disciplines with academic research resulting in a thesis. This program calls for both theological reflection and practical application.

The ideal student for the MET is one who has a bachelor’s degree in biblical or theological studies. It builds upon previous theological studies and is especially suited for those who plan to continue their graduate studies, and/or plan to be involved in leadership of various ministries.

Program description

  • It is considered to be a vocational Master’s degree in the European system.

  • This program does require a thesis that is academic in nature, but also includes a practical emphasis that applies to Christian ministry.

  • The MET is generally a two-year program, comprising 120 credits (ECTS).


  • Biblical Studies – 30 Credits

  • Systematic Theology and Church History – 24 Credits

  • Practical and Intercultural Theology – 16 Credits

  • Thesis – 31 Credits

  • Electives – 12 Credits

  • Mentoring & Internship – 7 Credits

Descriptions of courses can be found in the Academic Catalog.

MET Accreditation

Tyndale’s Master of Evangelical Theology is accredited by the European Council for Theological Education (ECTE).

Tyndale Theological Seminary has obtained institutional accreditation from the European Council for Theological Education (ECTE) as an alternative provider of higher education in 2021 together with programme accreditation for the Master of Evangelical Theology program at the higher education qualification at level 7 of the EQF (Second Cycle QF-EHEA). ECTE accreditation of alternative providers of higher education indicates that the learning opportunities offered by Tyndale Theological Seminary are compliant with the European Standards and Guidelines for higher education and attests to the level of the learning opportunities according to the EQF/QF-EHEA.

Logo ECTE.

Further information can be found here:

NVAO Accreditation

Tyndale’s Master of Evangelical Theology program is also accredited by the Nederlands-Vlaamse Accreditatieorganisatie (NVAO), the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization.

Confirmation of retention of accreditation for existing HBO-Pi-Master M Evangelical education:

Theology of Tyndale Theological Seminary

“Pursuant to Article 5.16, paragraphs 1 and 3, of the WHW, NVAO confirms the retention of accreditation existing training of the HBO-Pi-Master M Evangelical Theology course of Tyndale Theological Seminary in Haarlemmermeer. NVAO assesses the quality of the program as positive. With this confirmation, the accreditation of existing training is maintained.” 07 July 2022

Logo NVAO.

Further information can be found here:

Deadline for the MET Program

Due to the visa process, the following deadlines for receipt of all your application materials apply:

  • Non-EU Countries: 15th of January for admission in June of the same year.

  • EU Countries and North America: 1st of May for admission in June of the same year.

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