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Tyndale Theological Seminary

Academic Programs

Tyndale offers two MasterÔÇÖs degree programs:

EU citizens (or those who hold a valid Dutch resident permit) can also apply for a Certificate of Theological Studies (CTS) and study in both the MasterÔÇÖs and Certificate programs on either a full-time or a part-time basis.

Financial Information

Tuition charges vary based on the ECTS assigned to a class and whether it is taken for credit or non-credit. Single students may apply to live on-campus.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Every effort is made to keep the cost of a Tyndale education affordable so that financial need will not be a barrier to prospective students. Costs at Tyndale Seminary are much lower than that of many graduate institutions in Europe and lower than those of similar institutions in North America. Nevertheless, it may be a challenge for students to raise the necessary funds.

Tyndale Publications

Tyndale resident and associate professors regularly publish for both the academy and the church. We want to highlight not only some of their publications but also the Tyndale Theological Seminary Theses Series. Professors who have recently departed Tyndale are also included in this listing.