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Peter Hays, PhD

  • Associate Professor of Systematic Theology
  • Department of Theological and Historical Studies


Dr. Hays integrates into his teaching of systematic theology over 35 years of ministry experience, including 30 years in church planting in Holland and the U.S. Dr. Hays teaches based on the idea that true theology transforms lives into the image of Jesus Christ. His current church plant project seeks to help secular, unchurched people become followers of Christ and form into Christian communities. He also spearheads Krachtomteveranderen.nl, an evangelistic project to bring the gospel to the 250,000 secular people living in and around the city of Alkmaar.

Dr. Hays is married to Margré, a Dutch national from the town of Andijk. Margré is a gifted minister and currently serves as the Scandinavian Regional Director for Community Bible Studies International (www.cbseurope.org). The Hays have 4 children, 6 grandchildren, and have had 23 foster children.


  • B.S., Bible Philadelphia College of Bible
  • M.A., Church Education, Western Seminary, Portland
  • Th.M. Christian Education, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • Ph.D. Systematic Theology, Dallas Theological Seminary

Areas of Academic Interest

  • Bibliology; Christology; Eschatology; Practical Ministries: Church-Planting, Christian Education

Current Administrative Responsibilities

  • Chaplain

Professional and Ministry Experience

  • Jr. High pastor, Davisville Church, PA; Battle Ground Baptist Church, WA; Fellowship Bible Church North, TX
  • Counseling Intern, Center for Church Renewal
  • Missionary, Kortrijk, Belgium
  • Church Planter, Amarillo, Texas, Van Alstyne, Texas
  • Church-Planting Missionary, Alkmaar, The Netherlands
  • Associate Professor, Tyndale Theological Seminary
  • Facilitator, CBSI (Community Bible Studies International) Netherlands, Serbia, Scandinavia

Academic Works, Presentations, and Theses Supervised

  • Building Bridges: A Practical Guide for Evangelism and Discipleship with the Unchurched, Galatians 2:20 Publishers, 2016.
  • “Nieuwe wijn in nieuwe wijnzakken”, Soteria (15:3, September, 1998).
  • Schirrmacher, Thomas, The Persecution of Christians Concerns Us All: Towards a Theology of Martyrdom (Wetzlar: Idea Dokumentation 15/99E, 2001), pp. 156. Appeared in the Journal of Global Christianity, February 2015.
  • Panel Member: Contemporary Issues in Theology for Mission in Europe Slovenia, 2018.
  • Conference Speaker Community Bible Studies International, Belgrade, Serbia, The Holy Spirit as Teacher, 2018.
  • Conference Speaker Community Bible Studies International, “Colossians” England, 2017.
  • Conference Speaker Community Bible Studies International, Nis, Serbia, Jesus’ Words of Life, 2016.
  • Conference Speaker Community Bible Studies International, Belgrade, Serbia, 2014.
  • Luth, Maurits – Forgetting the Incarnation: A Critical Examination of the Incarnational Approach to Mission in The Netherlands – 2015.
  • Koivunen, Tommi Juhani – Nurturing Faith in Families: The Necessity for Finnish Parents to Reclaim Their Part of the Mission of Making Disciples – 2014.
  • Mensah, Jonathan Kwamina – The Theological Study on Tithing with Reference to Malachi 3:8-12 and Its Implications for Ghanaian Independent Churches – 2013.
  • Samson, Elemi Eni – The Influence of the Dutch Medical Mission on Christianity in Southern Nigeria: A Case Study of the Itigidi Community – 2009.
  • Vum, Kham – The Theology of the Three Levitical Voluntary Offerings – 2008 (2nd Reader).
  • Czeslaw Bassara – Postmodern Hermeneutics and the Evangelical Response – 2006 (PhD Dissertation, 2nd Reader for ETF).
  • The Theological Method of Edward Schillebeeckx (Unpublished doctoral dissertation, DTS).
  • The Teacher as Facilitator of the Teaching/Learning Process (Unpublished master’s thesis, WCBS).