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Alumni Networks

When you attended Tyndale Theological Seminary you found a vibrant community that is about learning, connecting with one another and deepening your relationship with our Lord. That’s why it’s not surprising to us that, years later, you are still involved with each other–sometimes doing ministry together in the same church or community, at other times keeping in touch to encourage each other to engage the secular cultures in which you live. We are developing “Alumni Networks” for you to continue those relationships and hopefully work together in serving God. Our alumni networks will grow with your help and participation.

Many of you are familiar with the 2018 General Data Protection Law passed by the European Union. Privacy issues are important to Tyndale. We will only post information that is provided by our alumni for specific purposes known to them. Should you desire contact information for an alumnus, please contact Wendi at alumni@tyndale-europe.edu with this request. If we have this information we will contact the person involved to get permission to share the contact information with you.

Alumni Privacy Notice