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Tyndale Theological Seminary
Bible and Theology in the Brethren

Bible and Theology in the Brethren

T.J. Marinello, PhD - 2018

Neil T. R. Dickson and T. J. Marinello, eds. Studies in Brethren History. Glasgow: BAHN

The papers collected in this volume, with one exception, were presented at International Brethren History Conferences in 2013 and 2015. As the section on the Bible in this book demonstrates, Brethren individuals invested considerable energies in textual and biblical criticism; translating the Scriptures; disseminating it through the Bible Society or in other ways; and in using it pointedly as an evangelistic tool. The section on theology is slighter. This is largely because of the exigencies of organizing a conference and then progressing the papers to publication. It is also because, as one of the volume’s contributor’s noted, the Brethren “vigorously opposed” systematic theology. It is hoped that the collected papers, which are arranged chronologically, will stimulate further thought and research, as well as acting as an introduction to some of the ways in which Bible and theology have been understood and used within the Brethren movement.