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Tyndale Theological Seminary
Toolbox Devotions for the Faith-Driven Entrepreneur

Toolbox Devotions for the Faith-Driven Entrepreneur

Roland Heersink, Szaszi Bene, PhD - 2022

God & Work, Christian Business Angels

A handbook for the Christian business owner. Unlike any other, this book digs into 200+ Bible passages with practical support for every Faith-Driven Entrepreneur.

Written by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs, this book is a collection of short readings to expose the timeless wisdom from key Bible passages for application to your leadership as a modern-day entrepreneur. Whether you read this book as devotion over breakfast or morning coffee or use it as a go-to guide when you face those special challenges, allow it to build your insight and ability as a Faith-Driven Entrepreneur.

Rather than comparing modern-day examples to what the Bible teaches, this book takes the opposite approach, bringing the wisdom of the Bible and its entrepreneurs into the modern-day setting to bring encouragement & guidance in ways that you likely never hear at church or business workshop.

Highlights include:
• God's plan for your success
• Finding God's will for your company
• How to pray for your leadership & your company
• 6 reasons God might not be answer your prayer
• Handling stress as a Faith-Driven Entrepreneur
• 2 words on which to build your character & your company

In closing, this book is not a guide to running your Business as a Mission (although that could happen), but is a practical guide on how to lead (and grow!) your business as a Faith-Driven Entrepreneur, and help build God's Kingdom as you do.