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Rahman Yakubu, PHD

  • Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies
  • Department of Intercultural Studies and Practical Ministries
  • Chair, Examination Board


Having grown up in a Muslim family, Rahman became a Christian in his teens through a Korean missionary. In Teacher Training College, he noticed he was spending most of his time doing outreach and ministry, which helped him understand God’s calling on his life. During a mission outreach as part of his Bible college education, he ventured into a district that had not had much contact with Christianity. This made such an impression on him that he went back to minister there after graduating. After meeting and marrying his Dutch wife, he spent a few years in the Netherlands, before returning as a family for ministry among his own people group. After 12 years of holistic ministry through development work (mostly focusing on healthcare and education), the family was called back to the Netherlands for the sake of their three daughters’ education.

In his spare time, he is a DIYer around the house and enjoys having meaningful conversations with friends on spirituality and life.


  • Diploma in Theology, Maranatha University College, Accra, Ghana
  • MATS., Tyndale Theological Seminary, Badhoeverdorp, The Netherlands
  • MTh., Contextual Theology and Interfaith Relations, Protestantse Theologische Universiteit (PThU), Kampen, The Netherlands
  • PhD, Johannes Gutenberg Universität, Mainz, Germany

Areas of Academic Interest

  • The interface between the Gospel and culture
  • The relation between interreligious dialogue and mission
  • Relations between Islam, Christianity and African Traditional Religions

Current Administrative Responsibilities

  • Chair, Examination Board

Professional and Ministry Experience

  • District Minister, Good News Bible Church, Gushegu District, Ghana
  • Church Planter and leadership development with a sending agency reaching out to Muslims
  • NGO Director, Project Share Ghana, specialized in holistic development
  • Chairperson of the Regional Local Council of Churches, an ecumenical body of Evangelicals and Catholics
  • Klusjesman (Handyman) at Met Gods Begeleiding, Vlissingen, The Netherlands

Academic Works, Presentations, and Theses Supervised

  • “Christian-Muslim Relations: A country Study of Ghana”, John Azumah and Lamin Sanneh (editors), in The African Christian and Islam, Cumbria: Langham Monographs, 2013.
  • “Dialogue and Witness: Through the Eye of the Other”, Evangelical Interfaith Dialogue, Mission and Dialogue: Critical Conversation for a Global Church, Fuller Theological Seminary, Fall 2014, 25-27.
  • “Theology of Immanuel: A Viable Option for Muslim-Christian Relations’, Evangelical Interfaith Dialogue, A response to John Azumah article ‘Whose Islam? Which Christianity? Africa’s Religious Landscape”, Fuller Theological Seminary Fall 2011, Issue 2.3.
  • “Christian Engagement with Muslims in Ghana: A study of the Christian Council of Ghana and Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference”, Ghana Bulletin of Theology 1(1), University of Ghana, Accra, July: 102–117.
  • “Interreligious Protest and Solidarity: Coping with the Pandemic in Ghana,” Paper presented at the International contactzone 4, Pantopia vs the New Normal: Contextual and Intercultural Perspectives, Johannes Gutenberg-University, Mianz, Germany, July 7-10, 2022.
  • “Between Mission and Existentialism: Ghanaian Christian Approach to Muslims”, at the Lausanne Academic Consultation on the African Christian and Islam, Accra, Ghana, 2010.
  • “History of Christian-Muslim Relations from an African Perspective”, A response to Prof Hugh Goddard presentation of his book A History of Christian Muslims Relations, at the Inter-University Graduate School, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2005.

The Gods are not Jealous: Lived Contextualization of Religious Identity and Dialogue through Dagomba Rites of Passage, Leipzig: Evangelische Verlagsanstalt, 2022.