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What is Distinctive about Tyndale?

At Tyndale, we believe that ministry involves applying the truth of God’s Word to every aspect of our lives in order to achieve God’s mission through the power of the Spirit of God – all for His glory and the good of His people!

Both life and ministry should be built on a solid theological foundation. This is what we aim to nurture in our students. Education at Tyndale involves rigorous study in the classic theological disciplines – biblical languages, biblical studies, systematic theology, historical theology, and philosophical theology. But this education is aimed at forming a type of person who is also equipped for effective ministry. Tyndale thus includes a strong emphasis on practical ministry classes along with intercultural studies. Internships also play an important part in this as well, and so are a part of our curriculum.

Ministry is not only influenced by what we know and what we can do, but by what kind of person we are becoming. Therefore, our education aims at godly character and spiritual vitality. Our spiritual formation mentoring groups, prayer meetings, regular meetings with faculty mentors and our chapel services help to develop and encourage us to grow as people created in the image of God who display godly character and spiritual vitality. And all of these aspects of our education are strengthened by the fact that they happen in an international and intercultural community. In the end, what we aim for is to form people of wisdom who can lead others to make disciples around the world through the life-changing power of the Gospel.

Tyndale offers two Master’s degree programs – the Master of Divinity (MDiv) and the Master of Evangelical Theology (MET). EU citizens (or those who hold a valid Dutch resident permit) can also apply for a Certificate of Theological Studies (CTS), or the Certificate of Christian Studies (TBE). Tyndale offers a preparatory course for MDiv candidates who need to strengthen their English language skills, as well.